Water Damage Photo Gallery

Hard Wood

All surfaces are different, but the hardest one to dry is Hard Wood. This material not only sustains damage very quickly but locks in the moisture making it very tricky to dry. 


When you experience a water leak the damage can be devastating. We come in and dry up the excess moisture, and can perform demolition if it is necessary. We do what we can to make your home beautiful again.

Severe Water Damage

This client had severe water damage throughout her home. Our techs had to go in, and not only dry her home, but also demolish, and replace parts of here ceilings, floors, and walls as well.

Sewage Backup!

Here we had a sewage back up which caused extensive damage to this clients property. After the source of the leak had been stopped we went in dried, and cleaned the affected area. Leaving their living space "Like it never even happend".

Injectidry Drying System

The Injectidry Drying System is used to dry high risk areas of hidden moisture, such as walls, and ceilings. This system allows us to get into the tiny spaces that most equipment can't reach.

Heat And Dry System for Crawl Space

This drying system can get into small spaces such as a crawl space. It uses heat to dry the area after water damage. This allows our technicians to setup, and dry even the smallest spaces.