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Photo of entire group standing in front of building wearing black

Group Photo 2020

From left to right, Brett Batstra, Jacob Nichols, Sharon Bettinger, and Quentin Bettinger.

We have done it again!

Our job is to get your home back to preloss condition. These are just a few examples of the work we have done recently! This was a beautiful church we assisted.

What we do!

Our job is to get your home back to preloss condition. These are just a few examples of the work we have done recently! This was a fire loss. The structure was heavily soiled.

Pack Out!

We have recently integrated a pack out system that inventories and offers a picture of every item. This system offer bar code labeling. This allows our technicians to work more efficiently in an even more organized manner. We can easily separate salvageable and un-salvageable items. making less work for you and your adjuster.

We Care About Our Community

we are locally owned and operated, and have been serving the Zanesville/Cambridge area since 2005. We do what we can to give back by donating to community  and working with our first res-ponders.

Special Cleaning Solutions

Here at SERVPRO we have the right solution for every job. We carry products to remove mold, soot, stains, and odors. Our technicians are trained to know which product will work best even in unique situations!


Sweet treats from SERVPRO. A special holiday treat I made for our very special COI's. We appreciate each and everyone of you. So we show our love with cookies!


Mold usually is detectable either by smell or it is visible. Sometimes however that is not the case. So it is always a good idea to check any areas that hold moisture regularly to prevent mold growth. This area although you could not see it. Mold had grown underneath the carpeting around this drain.

Hard Wood

All surfaces are different, but the hardest one to dry is Hard Wood. This material not only sustains damage very quickly but locks in the moisture making it very tricky to dry. 


When you experience a water leak the damage can be devastating. We come in and dry up the excess moisture, and can perform demolition if it is necessary. We do what we can to make your home beautiful again.


Sometimes no matter how hard you try mold will appear. This client has had issues with this same area in the past. What we do in this situation is go in clean the air, and paint. This helps to seal off the area from moisture prolonging the re-occurrence of mold.


Sometimes no matter how hard you try mold will appear. This client has had issues with this same area in the past. What we do in this situation is go in clean the air, and paint. This helps to seal off the area from moisture prolonging the re-occurrence of mold.

Hydroxyl Generator

When a client experiences a fire a thick scent of smoke is left in the air. To eradicate that smell we use either an Ozone machine or a Hydroxyl Generator. In this particular case we chose to use the Hydroxyl. This machine gets the smell out, and is safe to use in occupied spaces.


This client experienced a fire in one of his rental homes. This is always devastating. However, we were able to go in and assist in all the cleanup and demolition in order to get the tenants back in their home!

Church Cleaning

We often help  keep our local churches clean. Whether it be their kitchens or carpets. We know how to impress, and get their repeat business. A clean church is a happy church!

We Wax too!

Recently one of our commercial clients needed their floor buffed, and waxed. We were able to go in and make their floors shine. We always have time for our customers.

Outside care

After a storm your home can be left with unwanted debris, and dirt all over the outside. We offer power washing services that will leave your home "Like it never even happened."

We do Gutters!

Are you prepared for storm season? We offer storm damage clean up along with prep. In order to avoid water run off it is important to have clean drains, and gutters. Give us a call. We can help!

Food Drives

Many families have been affected by the recent hurricanes. These families are going without basic necessities like food, water,and shelter. There are several locations throughout America excepting donations such as non-perishable food items,clothes,and hygiene products. If you want to donate check your local Red Cross, Fire Station, or police department for drop off locations. Anything helps!

Mold Abatement

This customer had mold throughout their summer home. It had trapped moisture during the winter, and without regular maintenance developed mold spores. We were able to go in and treat all affected areas.

Leaky Roof?

This client had a leaky roof, by the time she noticed the leak there was already mold growing inside her home because of the excess moisture left due to the leak. it only take about three days for mold to develop after a surface if saturated with water, and left untreated.

Mold in Ducts!

This client was surprised to find mold in her ducts, after calling us because she had a reoccurring smell. After locating the mold we had no problem removing it for her. Mold can grow in places you may forget about. So routine checks are very important.

Severe Water Damage

This client had severe water damage throughout her home. Our techs had to go in, and not only dry her home, but also demolish, and replace parts of here ceilings, floors, and walls as well.

Mold Removal

This client had several areas in their basement that had been taken over by mold. We went in eradicated it all, and put down anti-microbial so the mold spores could not continue to spawn.


If the recent Hurricane Harvey tragedy was not enough. Another storm is hitting our country at this time. It is supposed to be one of the biggest hurricanes we have ever experienced. Her name is Irma and she is coming with vengeance. SERVPRO will be sending crews out to help cleanup after the storm has cleared. At this time all we can do is think of those involved, and hope for the best outcome possible.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey recently hit Texas. the amount of damage to the state was excessive. In order to do our part, and help SERVPRO has sent crews to Texas in attempt to help those in need. We always try to do what we can in our countries time of need. We are thinking of everyone involved, and feel for those who were affected.

Hydroxyl Generator

Here we used an Hydroxly Generator to clean the air. this works just like an ozone machine, only it is safe to use in spaces that are occupied by people or pets. It is also handy to use these in small spaces where you do not need to block off the affected area.

Fire Restore

Here is Justin, one of our techs using some Masonry Latex cleaner at one of our fire jobs. In order to use this cleaner, you coat the affected area. Areas that our ordinary cleaning methods do not work on such as brick. Areas that soot lies deep down in crevices. You leave it set over night. then you peel it off. what it does is pulls the soot out of those hard to reach places.

Sewage Backup!

Here we had a sewage back up which caused extensive damage to this clients property. After the source of the leak had been stopped we went in dried, and cleaned the affected area. Leaving their living space "Like it never even happend".

Storm Season!

This was a photo taken by a Tuscarawas resident during one of the first big storms we had this year. beautiful, and dangerous at the same time. I always enjoy getting pictures from our followers.

Carpet Cleanings

We are lucky enough to work with many different apartment complexes such as the Cambridge Heights Apartments. We not only assist the building managers with problems such as water, and fire damage, but also things like industrial cleaning, and regular carpet cleanings. These services come in handy in these types of buildings because there is usually a high turnover rate for the tenants.

Fire Pack out!

When even a small fire occurs the amount of soot and damage left behind is usually excessive. What we do in these situations is move out all the clients personal belongings, and clean what we can in our shop. We take inventory of what can be restored, and what is considered a loss. Doing these pack outs not only allows us to take the time to clean everything thoroughly, but also makes room for us to go in clean every inch of the home, and restore damaged areas without having to work around the homeowners damaged contents.

Pack Out!

Here is a pack we did for a client this week. This job was in the Frank Cook Senior Housing complex an assisted living facility we have worked with in the past. In the apartment above her the sprinkler system went off leaving her apartment saturated in water. Our job was to remove all her contents, take inventory of the loss, and reduce further damage. 

Guernsey County Library

SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge Does more than just residential work. We have also worked with many local businesses. We did a water damage for the Main branch of the Guernsey County Library not too long ago. No job too big or small for SERVPRO!

You Can't Miss Us

We often like to setup, and showcase our business at small events. This allows us to stay out of the sun, and of course it gets attention! Always proud to show our green!

SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambrige

SERVPRO of Zanesville/Cambridge is always ready. Open 24/7 for all your restoration, and mitigation emergency needs. We take pride in our crew, and our equipment. We know we can get the job done. Call us today!

Injectidry Drying System

The Injectidry Drying System is used to dry high risk areas of hidden moisture, such as walls, and ceilings. This system allows us to get into the tiny spaces that most equipment can't reach.

Heat And Dry System for Crawl Space

This drying system can get into small spaces such as a crawl space. It uses heat to dry the area after water damage. This allows our technicians to setup, and dry even the smallest spaces.

SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambrige

This is our home office. We are lucky enough to have a somewhat "rural" location. We get to enjoy a little family of bunnies every morning when we come in. The occasional hummingbird, and of course Henry a Groundhog that likes to hangout around our vehicles.

Hydroxyl Generator

Helps with deodorization, and clearing the air after things such as a fire, or water damage.Can take away smells like cigarette smoke, dead body,and urine.It is safe to use while a space is occupied. Usually takes about 3-5 Days to clean the area.