Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Hydroxyl Generator

When a client experiences a fire a thick scent of smoke is left in the air. To eradicate that smell we use either an Ozone machine or a Hydroxyl Generator. In this particular case we chose to use the Hydroxyl. This machine gets the smell out, and is safe to use in occupied spaces.


This client experienced a fire in one of his rental homes. This is always devastating. However, we were able to go in and assist in all the cleanup and demolition in order to get the tenants back in their home!

Hydroxyl Generator

Here we used an Hydroxly Generator to clean the air. this works just like an ozone machine, only it is safe to use in spaces that are occupied by people or pets. It is also handy to use these in small spaces where you do not need to block off the affected area.

Fire Restore

Here is Justin, one of our techs using some Masonry Latex cleaner at one of our fire jobs. In order to use this cleaner, you coat the affected area. Areas that our ordinary cleaning methods do not work on such as brick. Areas that soot lies deep down in crevices. You leave it set over night. then you peel it off. what it does is pulls the soot out of those hard to reach places.

Fire Pack out!

When even a small fire occurs the amount of soot and damage left behind is usually excessive. What we do in these situations is move out all the clients personal belongings, and clean what we can in our shop. We take inventory of what can be restored, and what is considered a loss. Doing these pack outs not only allows us to take the time to clean everything thoroughly, but also makes room for us to go in clean every inch of the home, and restore damaged areas without having to work around the homeowners damaged contents.

Hydroxyl Generator

Helps with deodorization, and clearing the air after things such as a fire, or water damage.Can take away smells like cigarette smoke, dead body,and urine.It is safe to use while a space is occupied. Usually takes about 3-5 Days to clean the area.