Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Moist Basement

This client struggles with a moist basement. There are no leaks, but every so often she experiences mold along her basement wall. When this happens she gives us... READ MORE

Excess Moisture

On this job our client experienced mold in several areas of the home surrounding the bathroom. The cause of this mold was excess moisture. There war not a vent ... READ MORE

Mold on House

This client called us because her had excessive mold growth on the outside of his home. this is very common especially during summer, and fall here in Ohio. We ... READ MORE

Small Mold Removal

This client had called us about a small mold growth they found within their ducts. We went out and gave them their free estimate. The damage was not spread thro... READ MORE

Moldy Floors

This customer had previously experienced water back up in their basement. They were unaware that the excess moisture had caused mold to grow, along their baseme... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This was a Mold Remediation job our technicians did in 2016. Here was a closet that had moisture which in return led to mold. In order to get everything clean, ... READ MORE