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Fire! What to do if it Happens to you!

8/14/2017 (Permalink)

Fire is scary, and if you have one it is very important to know what to do. First, do not panic. When you panic it is easy to forget things, and to make mistakes. This is the last thing you want to do during a fire. When you hear your smoke detector go off, or realize you have a fire. You need to exit the building as quickly as possible closing all doors, and windows on your way out if possible. Always, check for heat before opening any closed doors. You do this by placing the palm of your hand on the door. It is also very important to stay as low to the ground as possible, because smoke rises, and smoke inhalation can be fatal. After vacating the building immediately call 911 so they can send your local Fire Department. If you are unable to get out there are things you can do to spare time while waiting to be rescued. Stay low of course, and wet a blanket if at all possible to put over you. This helps prevent smoke inhalation. Always stay in one spot in an open area if possible so the Fireman can find you. If you hear them calling for you make sure you make noise. If the smoke is not thick you can yell, but it is better to make other noises. You can bang on the wall, or floor, even blow a whistle if you have one. Try to wait by the nearest window, and leave all door ways clear if possible. This is so the fireman can bust them down and get to you without injuring you or themselves. After, the fire is over. it may seem like all is lost, but this is where SERVPRO can help. We specialize is fire restoration, and are trained to help you in your time of need. So to sum it up......
1. Get Out if Possible
2. Close doors, and windows to reduce oxygen to the fire.
3.Stay as low as possible
4. Call 911 when safely outside
If you can not get out
1.Stay low and get to the nearest window
2. Wet a blanket and place it around you to help with smoke inhalation
3. Make sure all doorways are clear for the responders
4. Respond if possible to responders ( Make noise let them know you are there).
Last but certainly not least when everyone is safe call SERVPRO, and we will be there to help.

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