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Being Emergency Ready For Winter in Cambridge, OH

12/6/2022 (Permalink)

During storm season it is important for everyone to be prepared. If a storm caused damage to your business would you be ready? Who do you call? Here at SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge we offer a  Emergency Ready Profile that outlines exactly what to do in case of an emergency. Generally only 50% of businesses that experience a shutdown due to an unexpected event such as a fire, or storm never get back up on their feet. This is why it is very important to be prepared, and know who to call. This insures your business has as little down time as possible. We gather all your emergency contacts in a easily accessible location, along with location of the water and gas shut off valves at your business. We will make sure your prepared for any emergency. The best part is. It won't cost you a thing!

No Commercial Job Is Too Large For Us!

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

When people think of SERVPRO they often think of small locally owned businesses. Although, you may only see one small company we are in fact a continuously growing franchise with over 1700 locations in the U.S and Canada. What this means is yes, each franchise may seem "small", but we have large resources. We are able to accommodate any size job. If a job is too big for one franchise to take it on alone, we have backup, and will come together to get the job done. So when it really comes down to it the job is never too big or too small for SERVPRO. We do whatever we can to make sure you and your needs are being met. We take pride in being your choice for all your restoration needs. 

Recognizing potential mold in your commercial building

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

Whether you are a facility manager, employer, or even a landlord, you most likely understand the importance of combating mold growth. However, the seriousness of preventing mold in your building can often be overlooked. Mold can have financial repercussions with hefty consequences. State laws require that areas of employment meet certain safety standards, it’s important to know the ins and outs of mold growth.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold spores thrive in environments where dense moisture and low light are present. Once spores get a hold of water and oxygen in a darker area, they are bound to spread at a fast rate. Water buildup can occur from broken pipes, leaky roofs, basement/lower level flooding, and a variety of other avenues. Regardless of how stagnant water finds a way into your building, once it’s there, toxic mold has the potential to thrive and be extremely difficult to remove.

What are the Signs of Mold Growth?

Although it can come in different colors and growth patterns, mold is universally recognized by its fuzzy, sometimes slimy texture. As a facility manager or business owner, it is important that you know mold growth can give off signs in a couple of ways.

Visual Evidence of Mold

The easiest way to know that you have mold is to physically see it growing within your building. Once mold has been seen, don’t hesitate to call and have professional mold removal services inside your structure.

Once a mold outbreak starts, it can cost your business tons of time and money to stop it. Taking proper preventative measures can save you from potentially disastrous results. Here are some best practices to keep your Ohio business safe from mold.

  • Check the pipes in your building or hire a crew to perform frequent building maintenance.
  • Make sure your building has proper ventilation throughout the entire property.
  • Ensure carpets are kept clean and consider replacing old carpet that might become a host for spores.
  • Place a dehumidifier in your building throughout the hot, moist summer months.

Contact SERVPRO of Zanesville/Cambridge

In the event that you are facing a mold outbreak in your building, do not try to remediate it yourself. DIY methods are often ineffective and can set up your building more mold problems down the line.  If your commercial or industrial building needs mold removal, call SERVPRO of Zanesville/Cambridge at (740) 844-0977!

Let Me Tell You About Our ERPs!

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO of Zanesville/Cambridge does more than just mold removal, and restoration? We also clean. Along with the usual carpet cleanings, we offer commercial cleaning for businesses, and post construction cleanup. These come in handy if you are about to rent out a commercial space to a new customer, going out of business, or just want everything to have a good wipe down. Cleaning solutions like our SERVPRO Orange cleaning solution are perfect for almost any surface, we can also deodorize spaces that may smell musty from not being occupied. Our post construction cleanup comes in handy, because a lot of the time a mess may be left behind up to the customer to clean, or your contractors may hire outside services to get the job done for them. Who better than your local SERVPRO? So whatever the job keep us in mind. We are always here to help!

Dealing With Smoke Damage in Commercial Buildings

12/26/2021 (Permalink)

When a fire occurs, SERVPRO of Zanesville/Cambridge works to assist business owners and proprietors to move forward and put their lives and businesses back together. It can be overwhelming. The restoration process after a commercial fire is laborious if not time-consuming. It includes:

  • damage assessment
  • debris removal
  • odor, soot, and residual water mitigation

Fire and smoke damage restoration professionals are there to advise and direct business owners to sift through the damage and greatly aid in rebuilding their businesses and commercial properties.

Once undertaken, the goal of commercial fire damage restoration is to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of a business or commercial property after a fire. In a fire’s aftermath, much of the damage restoration focuses on eliminating the persistent smoke odors and the accompanying soot and residual water. Every trace of the contaminants responsible for odors must be scrubbed clean and deodorized. High-powered equipment such as air scrubbers can help clear the air of particulates and odors. Industrial air movers and dehumidifiers mitigate residual water and moisture from putting out the fire.

It all hinges on taking action quickly. In doing so it’s possible for smoke and fire restoration professionals to minimize damage and loss. Here are several steps to anticipate how your restoration professional deals with smoke damage after a fire occurs on your commercial property.

Smoke Odors

As with most fires, commercial fires leave a pungent odor that permeates the building, furnishings, fixtures, and air throughout the property. Those odors are in large part a result of the fire source itself—the debris from the fire, the soot and residual water and chemicals that were used to extinguish the fire. The debris must be dealt with first.

Once the fire and insurance company have determined an origin and cause of the fire, restoration crews move to quickly remove the debris and soot from the premises. Materials such as charred furnishings, rugs, and ceiling tiles are carried out until the property is emptied of any burned remnants of the fire. Debris removal also mitigates odors by removing microscopic dust particles, airborne and settled, that derives from soot deposits and burned debris. Debris removal reduces the intensity of odors, but will not completely eliminate them. Soot and residual water also combine to contribute to smoke odors, and they must be dealt with.

Soot Removal

Thick layers of soot mixed with moisture cover a good portion of commercial fire sites. Soot is the black, powdered carbon and chemical byproduct of the burned material after a fire. Depending on the material burned in commercial fires, the chemical or acidic composition of soot can cause further damage on its own to just about any surface it is in contact with. Soot can stain porous and textured surfaces, permanently discolor granite, plastics, grout and the un-burned fixtures made of wood or textiles.

Removal of soot can reduce the likelihood of permanent soot staining discoloration and may reduce the costs of replacement. As an important step in fire damage restoration, industrial vacuums are very helpful in removing the layers and bulk of powdery soot after fires.

Residual Water

Not only is mold a problem after flooding but after fires as well. Residual water from extinguishing the fire can lead to mold spreading throughout the property if it is not properly mitigated. The increased moisture in the air interacts with mold spores. In a confined space this allows mold to grow rapidly, covering and staining porous surfaces. The smoky odor after a fire rapidly combines with mold to further contaminate the air and interact with surfaces. The longer such odors interact with surfaces the more difficult it will be to completely eliminate the odor.

Commercial fire damage restoration entails industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers to remove water and moisture that can lead to airborne mold spores. All interior walls must be checked for water damage. All surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly and wiped down with anti-bacterial agents throughout the process.

If you have a commercial building with fire damage, give us a call to help get you back and running. 

Is your business dirty? We can clean it!

5/13/2021 (Permalink)

We not only assist our commercial clients with emergency situations but also routine cleanings as well. We have worked in many different environments. These include industrial building, restaurants, strip malls, tattoo parlors and more. We can strip and wax floors to get them looking new. We can also clean industrial ranges, and appliances. We do walls, ceilings, and even do windows! We have clients that love our work so much we come back yearly sometimes more to do a top to bottom clean. We can get your banquet rooms ready for wedding season or your new space spic and span for opening day. Just had a remodel? No problem! We do post construction clean up. We know appearance is everything in the world of business and strive to make sure yours will sparkle. Give us a call today!

Get Your Emergency Readiness Plan for Your Business in Zanesville or Cambridge!

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Zanesville/Cambridge can not only meet all residential restoration, Mold, and cleanup needs, but commercial emergencies as well. We like to make sure our business owners, and managers are well taken care of, and prepared. We go to businesses all around the area and offer free Emergency Ready Profiles (ERP). These are special plans designed by our marketing agents, the business owners, and managers. These plans are listed out step -by-step so our clients know what to do in case of an emergency. These ERPs cover things such as who do you call first, where is the breaker box, and sprinkler shut of located. These ERPs can end up saving businesses a lot of money, by helping to prevent, and reduce damage during an emergency. For your free ERP contact our offices today!

Marketing Throwback. What an Awesome Day This Was!

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

As a marketing rep. for SERVPRO I travel all over our territory and visit Realtors,Property Managers,Insurance agents, Nursing Homes, Hotels, and pretty much any other business you can think of. During October I always dress up and of course pass out candy.These are the ladies of Century 21 in Cambridge, Ohio. They loved my costume so much they wanted a picture. Of course they had to be in it with me sporting those fabulous Century 21 T-Shirts! Thank you so much ladies this was a great day and experience! I love being a part of our local business community and getting the chance to interact with so many wonderful unique groups of people. Services big to small. Homes and businesses. SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge is always there to help!

Chur-ch We Can Clean It!

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge we can help with all of your cleaning needs.Whether it be big or small we are always ready to help. We do a lot of work for our local churches. Not only have we assisted in a water damages, but we have also done many industrial cleaning jobs for the churches in our area as well. We can do carpets, floor buffing, and waxes. We can also go in and do a full clean of the whole church from top to bottom. This includes the kitchen,bathrooms, and worship areas. Whether it be a light wipe down or a job that requires a little bit of elbow grease. We have the tools. We have the time, and we can help! 

Still here to Help!

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

As the marketing representative for SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge  one of my main focuses is local businesses in the area. I often market face to face and offer emergency ready to profiles and other services to a lot of different types of businesses. We are equipped to help churches, restaurants, factories, and anything else you could possibly think of. You can't miss me in the little HHR decked out with our SERVPRO logo. I make it my goal to assist you in anyway possible, and answer any questions you may have. If at anytime you see the green feel free to stop me or give me a call. As the face of SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge it is my job to uphold our standards and provide services to anyone in need.

Business Big and Small

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

We offer fire and water restoration, mold mitigation and cleaning services including carpets and construction cleanup. We can accommodate businesses of all kinds. Whether you need a deep clean of your restaurants appliances,clean up after a remodel, or emergency water or fire restoration. We have you covered from start to finish. We even offer Emergency Ready Profiles absolutely free so your business can be prepared before an emergency occurs. We have recently assisted several businesses in our area. These include dentist offices, Zales, Spectrum,and so many others. Without our hometown businesses our community suffers. We try to do our part and assist you with whatever you need to keep downtime at a minimum. We understand the importance of keeping your business up and running during the restoration process.

Commercial Building? Not a Problem!

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

Hello All! Did you know that we not only work in residential homes but we can help businesses as well? Our technicians are trained on jobs big and small. We can work in any environment, and will adhere to all safety measures taken within your facility. We can work around your business hours if necessary to get the job done. We understand it is important to keep things going and to have as little downtime as possible. That is why we work quickly and efficiently to get your business back up and running. We can help with Water,Fire,Mold or simply a mid year cleaning. If you are in need we can help. Remember SERVPRO is one big family and we can always call in back up if needed. No job is too big or too small for us!

A Great Day With Good People

10/27/2017 (Permalink)

As a marketing rep. for SERVPRO I travel all over our territory and visit Realtors,Property Managers,Insurance agents, Nursing Homes, Hotels, and pretty much any other business you can think of. My job is to get our name out there. So basically being a "social butterfly". Which I really like. Nothing makes a day go by faster than getting to meet and interact with so many great people in my community. I get invited to events, and to participate in activities for the community. Our area is so awesome, there is always something going on. I love what I do. making people smile, and backing up a good honest business. I couldn't ask for much more job wise. Maybe free pizza Fridays, but hey I will survive!

Church Cleanings

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge our job is to help those in need of cleanup services. Whether it be big or small we are always ready to help. We have recently and in the past done a lot of work for our local churches. Not only have we assisted in a recent water damage at a nearby church, but we have also done many industrial cleaning jobs for churches in our area as well. We can do carpets, floor buffing, and waxes. We can also go in and do a full clean of the whole church from top to bottom. This includes the kitchen, and worship areas. Whether it be a light wipe down or a job that requires a little bit of elbow grease. We have you covered! 

Marketing Representative

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

As the marketing representative for SERVPRO Zanesville/Cambridge my job is to go out, and make sure the community knows we are here to help. One of my main focuses is our businesses in the area. I like to go in and offer emergency ready to profiles to a lot of different types of businesses. We are equipped to help churches, restaurants, factories, and anything else you could possibly think of. You will see me out and about in the company car. Which you can;t miss because of course it is decked out in SERVPRO colors. If at anytime you have a question feel free to stop me or give me a call. I am always happy to assist our clients and potential clients in any way possible!

How can we help your business?

8/29/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Zanesville/ Cambridge has helped many business's over the years. We have done everything from water damage at Guernsey Library to Detailing for local dealerships such as Dunning Motors. We  like all other local businesses are just trying to strive, and help our community. We do pretty much any kind of clean up you can think of. We can do a full in depth kitchen clean for your restaurant or maybe you have an upcoming event, and would like your carpets cleaned or your floors waxed. We also do post construction clean up. So if you have a renovation coming up keep us in mind. Form fire to dust.No job is too big or small for SERVPRO. We are always here to help.